Bijoux en céramique, pensés et fabriqués à Arles

As a child, I had the impulse to gather, recuperate, and collect anything that I could turn into jewellery. I took great pleasure in imagining, wearing and offering these experimental, and sometimes tribal ornaments. Jewellery that couldn’t be found elsewhere…

Later, a chance encounter led me to discover ceramics. Once the clay took shape in my hands and the enamel revealed its incomparable brilliance, the desire to use it to create jewellery naturally followed.

So in 2010, I created my brand MIA – Mel In Arles, and with two friends, we created Mélilabo.

Purity of form, harmonious proportions, and versatility have since become the driving forces behind my work. My search for new tones is equally passionate; the palette is expanding spontaneously, according to my desires and my experiences.

While minimalist in design, my jewellery is colourful and easy to wear. I ensure that it is comfortable and strong throughout the many (and delicate) steps of fabrication.

Necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings can be combined, collected and worn in different ways. I strive for this versatility, so that the same piece can be worn by women of very different styles, tastes and ages.

My pleasure is seeing all these small bubbles of colour brightening-up a sombre coat, highlighting a look, bringing an outfit, or a nuance, together perfectly. These small morsels of gaiety come to life as if by magic, from my mind to my oven, and leave my small workshop to travel the world with you, for many years to come.